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Former Council Leader Wants to Be Mayor

The thought of Stephen Greenhalgh as Mayor of London is laughable.... and chilling! His "Team Greenhalgh" sign-up web page shows three continuing Tory councillors, including the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Lucy Ivimy, but why? I thought that they "kicked him upstairs" to be Deputy Mayor for Policing, in order to avoid further embarrassment in Hammersmith and Fulham. This is Stephen Greenhalgh the "bottom pincher", the developer's bosom friend, the demolisher of council estates, the scourge of the urban poor (author of the callous "Principles for Social Housing Reform" Localis pamphlet 2009 ( and "Ways out of London" video 2008 - no longer on You Tube!), this supporter of water cannons for the Metropolitan Police, etc...? The list shows that his every instinct is to oppress the weak and control dissent.But Greenhalgh's policies are now discredited. At the Council election in May 2014 the electorate rejected the "Conservatives" (more accurately American-style "neo-liberals") because they had by then hung themselves by the rope of their own policies. If moderate conservatives want to regain some credibility it is time that the "old guard" of the extreme right in Hammersmith was, quite simply, disbanded. Greg Hands MP, and councillors Charlie Dewhirst and Greg Smith would also do well to distance themselves from Greenhalgh.

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