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Help save 30-52 Goldhawk Road from demolition

It has come to my attention that Hammersmith and Fulham want to make "improvements" to Shepherds Bush market.   While some of the suggestions may be welcome the Planning Brief proposes the demolition of 30-52 Goldhawk Road.  (A full copy of the draft planning and regeneration brief can be viewed on the Local Plan pages of the council’s website) At the moment this row of shops does not look much. (This is in part due to the fact that late last century Hammersmith and Fulham enforced the removal of cornicing on "health and safety grounds".)  But the reality is this terrace was built in the early to mid nineteenth century and they are good examples of Victorian shops.    The fact that they have fallen on hard times is no reason to have them demolished.  Rather this should be seen as an opportunity to have them restored to their former charm. The Planning Brief suggests relocating the businesses to within the redeveloped market.  But this terrace of shops brings atmosphere and community to the Goldhawk Road.  Not one of these shops is part of a chain - many are family firms - and the Pie and Mash shop has been in that location since 1899.    It would not be the same to simply relocate them.   There is a real danger that we will be turning a vibrant and interesting (if somewhat rundown) part of Shepherds Bush into something bland and average.  The Planning Brief goes on to describe 30-53 Goldhawk Road as being of a 'scale that is no longer appropriate for this part of the Goldhawk Road townscape'.  But the height of this terrace is very much part of their charm.     We have lost much good architecture in the area, such as Shepherds Bush station,  in recent years. Lets stop the destruction of yet more good buildings.  Please register your objections by email at or call Jackie Simkins in the council’s planning department on 020 8753 3460.  The deadline for the council to receive responses is 5pm on Monday, October 11.

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Please review your post. If everything is OK, click Submit below. Otherwise,click the Back button on your browser to make corrections.Topic: Re:Help save 30-52 Goldhawk Road from demolition   Message: We trader in shepherds bush market at shop number 41 ( directly behind the laundry and peabody site.) We would be the first to be affected by this development and are very worried.Ours is a family run business and we have been here for over 30 years. The answers we get from the council are NOT good enough, they are vague and evasive. We are being pushed aside. It seems they are interested in simply making the area into yet another money spinning commercial attraction.Our livelyhood totally depends on this, and while we agree that the market needs security, parking, atm machines, toilets and maybe a roof, we certainly DO NOT NEED offices, apartments, flats and more expensive shops.Our trade has not been affected by westfields, that place attracts customers from out other areas but in which way has it benefited our area? The jobs created their have not gone to local residents.Also lime grove would be totally ruined, the shops on goldhawk road ( which create a great quirky pre war feel ) would be demolished).The newsletters being handed out are misleading, claiming 70% of trader are in favour of redeveloping. THIS IS NOT TRUE.EVERY SINGLE TRADER FROM THE START OF THE MARKET ON GOLDHWAK ROAD DOWN TO THE TOILETS ( 20 shops) ARE TOTALLY AGAINST THE IDEA.The only traders supporting the idea are those who will remain totally unaffected ( incl the selfish SBMTA ). It would be great to liase with anyone interested, please email us on thank you

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