Joey Essex Mugged at Knifepoint in Hammersmith

Rolex watch stolen by two main who claimed to be fans

The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex has talked on TV about about being attacked at knifepoint in Hammersmith on Tuesday, June 26.

The nightclub promoter and reality TV star appeared on ITV's breakfast show Daybreak saying he was attacked in Hammersmith in broad daylight by two men who claimed to be fans - then stole his Rolex watch worth £10,000.

Joey 21, said: "They tapped on my window and said, 'Joey Essex can I have a picture?' and I said, 'Yeah, two minutes.' I got out the car, had a picture. They wanted more pictures and said, 'Wait, one sec mate, I've just got to do this.' And as I turned around they both jumped me.

"I think what they did was they grabbed me first and they took my watch straight away. You can hit my hand and my watch falls off anyway.

"As I got up I was sort of self defending myself, and then they got - they had a knife."

Joey believed he had been followed into the local car park as the robbers may have clocked his car, which has featured on the ITV2 TV show.

The reality TV star - whose flat in Marbella was also robbed last year - put the attack down to jealousy of his fame.

He said: "People notice who we are, sometimes they see us... I don't know, it's all to do with jealousy and things like that in the end. People just react in different ways I suppose."

Hammersmith and Fulham Police have confirmed that officers from the Robbery Squad are investigating the attack.

June 28, 2012