Vulnerable Elderly Missing Woman From Fulham Found In Chiswick

Staff from the George & Devonshire helped 86 Year-old Judith Talbot-Weiss

Staff and customers at a popular Chiswick pub helped an elderly missing woman from Fulham who suffers from dementia after she was found outside the pub in a confused state.

The George & Devonshire, in Burlington Lane was at the centre of the drama when customers noticed 86-year old Judith Talbot-Weiss sitting outside at a table at around 10.30pm on Thursday night, with her head in her hands. They alerted the staff who went outside to see if she was okay.

The George & Devonshire, in Burlington Lane

The George & Devonshire

Landlord Ian Moss told that at first they believed that she might have come from the nearby St Mary's Convent home. He said the woman was confused and exhausted. She had a coat on but was only wearing slippers on her feet.

He went down and rang the bell at St Mary's Convent to find out if any of the residents were missing. A staff member then accompanied him to the pub where she sat with Ms. Talbot-Weiss while the police were called. Other customers and staff also tried to comfort the woman. At that stage they were unaware that she had been reported as a missing person but some customers later said they had seen it on this website.

Judith Talbot-Weiss, 86, had last been seen on Stanwick Road, W14 on Thursday, walking towards North End Road. Officers were concerned for her safety and well-being as Mrs Talbot-Weiss has dementia and they had warned that she might appear confused and that her speech might also be mumbled.

Police officers arrived shortly after the alarm was raised and interviewed Mrs. Talbot-Weiss before taking her into their care. They later telephoned the pub to say that she had been identified.

Mr. Moss said; "We were glad to have been able to help out."

September 9, 2016

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