Over 500 People Pack Town Hall to "Rally for the NHS"

To hear passionate speeches by panel including several doctors

Over 500 people crowded into Hammersmith Town Hall on Tuesday evening to join a "Rally for the NHS".

The rally was organised by Save Our Hospitals campaigners fighting to save Charing Cross and Ealing hospitals along with the London branch of Keep Our NHS Public.

The panel at the meeting consisted of Save Our Surgeries Doctor Jackie Applebee, Ealing's Dr Gurinder Sabhu, The Green Party's Dr Jillian Creasey, Dr Marie-Louise Irvine from the National Health Action Party journalist as well as campaigner and journalist Owen Jones and Hammersmith's MP Andy Slaughter, all of whom made passionate speeches in support of the NHS and our local hospitals.

This morning, Owen Jones summed up the mood of the evening when he tweeted @OwenJones84: " The lovely people of Hammersmith out in force to say: Oi! Tories! Leave our NHS alone! (to the tune of Pink Floyd)."

Find out more about Save Our Hospitals here and about Keep Our NHS Public here.

March 11, 2015