HFCyclists' Chair Responds to Proposals for Hammersmith Gyratory

Calls for TfL and council to share more of their thinking on cycle lane plans

New Plan to Make Hammersmith Gyratory Safe for Cyclists

An artist’s impression of the proposals at the King Street junction with Hammersmith gyratory (looking North East)

John Griffiths, acting chair of HFCyclists, the local group of the London Cycling Campaign in Hammersmith and Fulham, has given a full response to TfL's proposals to introduce cycle lanes on Hammersmith Gyratory.

He says: " It is very pleasing to see that something is being planned here. It is disappointing that this Better Junction Review does not take in all of the gyratory.

"In a response to a question put by Darren Johnson AM on our behalf, Tfl have stated in an email on 9 February 2016:

'While there are existing cycle demands on routes in to and out of the gyratory which would not link directly to the scheme, we have focussed our proposals around the cycle route that we believe will benefit the largest number of cyclists while not adversely affecting traffic flow.'

"It is disappointing that TfL are excluding any options that may adversely affect traffic flow, especially when one is hoping for modal shift away from private car use and one is hoping to reduce air pollution."

He goes on to say that the group has asked TfL and H&F Council for the flow rates of cyclists for which this project has been designed,but so far have not been told.

He explains: "If the design does not cope with the number of cyclists using it, it may result in cyclists blocking pedestrian crossings or being left in the roadway. If the stepped track is not sufficiently wide to cope with the flow, then cyclists are more likely to drop off the edge."

His detailed response covers various parts of the scheme, both clockwise and anti-clockwise, including the cycle lane on Queen Caroline Street, Blacks Road, the corner of King Street, the main crossing, Shepherd's Bush Road, The Butterwick Island, near Bridge Avenue and what he calls the Taper of Doom as well as considering plans for stepped tracks and the effect on local bus stops.

You can read the response in full on HFCyclists' website.

The report concludes: "There are indications that the review may concentrate on an east to west route linking Hammersmith Rd to King St. Such a route would be very welcome. This would be to fit in with a born-again Cycle Superhighway 9. CS9 appeared to have died after problems getting a route through RBKC.

"However we would like to see the gyratory made safe for cyclists coming from all directions.

"It would be good if TfL and LBHF shared more of their thinking before we are offered a consultation. Once plans are drawn up we have found that there is a great reluctance to make any significant changes."

What are your views on the proposed changes? Join the discussion on the Hammersmith forum.

TfL has also extended its consultation on the proposed changes till September 25, so there is still time for local people to make their voices heard here.

You can find out more about HFCyclists and how you can join on their website.

September 16, 2016