Recycling Week Events

Find out how to keep landfill costs down

Recycling Week starts on Monday June 22 and aims to encourage people to try something new in an effort to go green and cut back on their waste.

As part of the Recycling Week campaign, the council will be hosting a number of stalls at various locations. Useful tips will be provided on how to make recycling easier and officers will be handing out reusable cotton bags so that shoppers do not need to use plastic carrier bags that so often end up in landfill.

Locally, a stall will be set up on Wednesday June 24 at the West 12 Shopping Centre from 10am to 4pm.

Cllr Greg Smith, cabinet member for crime and street scene, said: "Very few people realise just how expensive it is for the council to send our waste to landfill. In fact, landfill rates have almost doubled in the last two years. The best ways for H&F to avoid paying these onerous taxes is for residents to recycle as much as possible."

H&F residents recycled 27 per cent of household waste during 2007/8. The council picked up a massive 15,700 tonnes of recyclable material - paper and cardboard, glass, cans and tins, plastic bottles and drinks and food cartons - through its orange sack doorstep collections.

This year, the council introduced same day waste and recycling collections and now both recyling and rubbish is collected in the same vehicle in separate compartments.

Residents are being urged to do four things that will help to boost the recycling figures further. They are:

*Put your rubbish and recycling out at the right time (after 9.00pm on the day before collection or before 6.00am on collection day)

*Use heavy-duty black sacks for refuse, not carrier bags that easily break and spill onto the street.

*Put securely tied sacks or dustbins out for collection at the front of their garden or path.

*Store rubbish securely between collections to prevent foxes and vermin ripping bags.

9 June 2009

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