Veggie Favourite in Goldhawk Road is No More

Blah Blah Blah replaced by Indian Restaurant after twenty years

A popular local restaurant vegetarian restaurant appears to have bitten the dust.

Blah Blah Blah which has been open on the Goldhawk Road for around 20 years has been replaced by an Indian restaurant. When we called to ask what had happened it appeared their number had been inherited by the new business at the same address.

Their web site says that the restaurant has plans to relocate but there is no indication as to when and where it might reopen.

Two years ago the owner, Manjit, had told us that he was thinking of selling up because he felt he was getting too old to run the business which he had been with for 5 years. He wanted to sell to someone who would retain the name and the vegetarian menu.

Blah Blah Blah served an eclectic mix of Asian, Mediterranean, North African, European and other cuisines. It had many loyal regulars as well as illustrious patrons such as Sir Paul McCartney and other celebrities from the world of television and theatre.

Two years ago when we spoke to Manjit he said, “It's very tough at the moment, none of the restaurants are very busy. We've got our regulars but new people want fast foods. So we're changing our menu a bit for them – we're adding some fast foods but it will still be fresh and made here and will still be completely vegetarian,” he said.

June 21, 2012