BBC Theatre Recording Is Internet Hit

Nine pairs of identical twins appear in 20-year-old show

A segment from a BBC show, recorded at the former theatre on Shepherd's Bush Green more than twenty years ago, is proving a big hit on the internet.

The clip from the Wogan Show was posted on YouTube earlier this year and shows Terry Wogan interviewing nine pairs of identical twins, all from the same school.

Wogan introduces the Monday night show, saying it is being recorded “to the sound of police sirens and pigeons choking to death on car fumes”.

The recording was made at the former BBC Theatre on the Green in March 1987.

The 18 children had all come to Shepherd's Bush for the occasion, from the Woodfield Infant and Junior School in Penn, Wolverhampton.

“There must be something in the water in Wolverhampton,” says Wogan, referring to the unusually high number of twins from the same neighbourhood.

The internet clip was posted by Joe Blackwell, presumably one of the children in the piece, who says he is “proud of my 5 mins of fame”.

To see the Wogan clip on YouTube, click here .

24 March 2010