Three Arrested In Football Clashes

Violence breaks out after match with Swansea City

Three people were arrested near the Loftus Road stadium on Saturday afternoon (March 20), following QPR's home match against Swansea City.

Local police say officers were called to the Springbok Bar in South Africa Road at around 5pm, following reports that 30-40 people were causing a disturbance.

They say three arrests were made for public order offences and the three people concerned were all released on bail.

The South Wales Evening Post, meanwhile, reported that a much larger number of people had been involved in the disturbances, saying around 100 people had clashed outside the stadium. The Post said many fans had had to be escorted away from the violence by police.

Some fans gave their own accounts of what had happened on Twitter: “Just had to run with my ten year old to get out of a fight between Swansea and QPR supporters. It was like the 1970s again!!” wrote Jeff Stevenson on Saturday afternoon.

Another football fan, Thom Gibbs, wrote on Twitter: “Swansea fans starting a fight with a police horse. A special kind of class.”

The clashes happened after the Championship game ended in a 1-1 draw.

As well as violence on the streets, there was tension between the club's managers.

Ahead of the game, Swansea City manager, Paulo Sousa criticised QPR boss Neil Warnock's style: "He's the type of manager who will always encourage the players to tackle the opponents to intimidate the players and I don't like it," said the former Portugal international.

Warnock, meanwhile, speaking after the match, said: "I did tell the players not to tackle today so as not to upset Paulo."

It was the first time Sousa had been back to W12 , after being sacked from QPR last year.

March 23, 2010